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tv   CBS 5 News at 630  CBS  September 9, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MST

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made his way into a woman's dorm room that was supposed to be secured by several layers. the college tells the south as one of the most secure areas on the asu campus. and electronic key card, gate surround the classrooms the dorms. >> it looks harder than it is but it is easy, wait for someone to come out and walk in.>> reporter: once you are in the same tactic can be used for the elevator or stairs leading to dorm rooms. that is concerning but a worse is when a worker is duped by homeless man to lead them into a residence home. >> worker didn't do his job right and he asked -- and i guess he got fired. >> reporter: esu please confirm the dorm worker who let the man into the dorm hall around 3 am monday morning was fired. but not before king made his way into a dorm room and proposition the young woman inside. >> he got out of the room as quickly as he could to find
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reporter: came was arrested for trespassing and admitted to being high in propositioning -- propositioning the one but said nothing about the briefcase of jewelry he was carrying. >> it turned out it belonged to roeper drake 2 hours before head is jewelry stolen from his tour bus while on stage in downtown phoenix. >> it blew my mind. i heard about it yesterday, just the fact that drake's jewelry was right here, 200 feet away was czy mind i thought it was funny. >> reporter: we're told detectives son news coverage of the staff to the jewelry and called phoenix police and said we think we have your items here and we also have someone in custody. it turned out he might be the con man indeed. he talked his way onto drakes tour bus to steal the items and talked his way here into the dorm. in tempe donna rossi cbs 5 news. jail time this afternoon a
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behind bars after 23 darla -- dogs in their care died. the owners of the pets took to the stand asking for a stiff sentence against the kennel owners.>> this is very difficult for me to socialize with others. >> the hughes knowingly committed fraud against us, which ended in the deaths of our dogs.>> deal with prosecutors and will need to spend 60 days in jail and spent several years unsupervised probation. the dogs died from heat exhaustion in 2014. police say they tearfully apologized to the judge and dog owners. >> i am so sorry all of these gorgeous dogs died.
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>> back in june they plan to charges of animal cruelty and facilitation to commit fraudulent scheme. 4 people heard after their small paint -- playing crashed the south of wittenberg, the plane was taking off from the airport when it went down near highway 60 it. -- 60. was having mechanical issu the plane hit a dumpster as it went down your waste management company, coupled on board are from wickenburg, they recovering in the hospital tonight. new tonight one of our most popular tourist attractions, hiking, turned tragic today. a hiker died near the phoenician resort. phoenix fire tells us the 26- year-old from switzerland was out on camelback with 3 friends, he somehow lost them
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employees heard him, he almost made it off the trail when he collapsed and stopped breathing. he was taken to a local hospital where he died. the tight race for arizona congressional district 5 drinks out of the court, the latest numbers have increased, and taking away from christine jones from 9 to 16 votes. in the court today were the judge made a key decision, dennis on how e the right word to describe this, how it will move forward. earlier today it look like a big legal when for jones that she could turn into an old toral when. she was asking for account for those that were tossed out for one reason or another, thinking there would be enough votes to put her in the league. she got part of what she wanted but actually made the situation worse for her.>> we will call this meeting to order.
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congressional race. county leaders set to hand andy biggs razor thin victory when this happened. >> the provision of ballots, may be counted, further order of the board of supervisors prohibited canvassing the results with august 30, 2016 primary election. 11th court ruling that held the certification of last week's election giving jesse hughes wells -- andy biggs opponent a glimmer >> we appreciate the judge protecting constitutional rights.>> reporter: it means the county will count an additional 18 ballots in the republican primary, there were only 9 both separate jones and andy biggs i don't know whose votes will get counted, but as i said from the beginning every vote matters and i want as many votes to be counted as possible. >> reporter: the judge ruled county election officials screwed up, telling these voters to cast their ballots in the wrong present.
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getting tossed out. >> we train our poll workers to say you have the danger in a provisional ballot that it may not count and that is what they are taught is a. >> reporter: a judge criticized their office but questioned the legality of the ruling. >> this is going against the law, they say you need to vote in your own precinct. that is what the state tells us. this afternoon the county tallied up andy biggs increased his lead from 9 votes to 16. in the newsroom dennis welch cbs 5 news. melky drone of military drone pilots could head to southern arizona, the air force base in tucson is one of 5 possible locations for brand- new unit to pilot military drones in remote locations across the world. this announcement comes as pentagon prepares to retire the basis in 2022.
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since the 9/11 terror attacks. many of us will never forget the images. when our country was being attacked. all of these years later we're hearing news stories from that day including the lesser talked about attacks by the pentagon.>> there was no warning of what was in front of us are about to happen. >> reporter: this firefighter still thinks about it every day. he was in charge of the areas at the pentagon, getting ready for the president's arrival when the hijacked commercial just hit the twin towers. they had no idea another plane was coming straight for them. until they heard the unmistakable sound. >> we are surrounded by a very very large know is -- loud -- loud noise. loaded with 55 hijackers and 5
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hijackers. >> the fireball and smoke could be seen for miles. >> but it was his radio call for help that first confirmed which target near dc had been hit. >> 51, for meyer, we had an airliner crash of the west side of the pentagon.>> reporter: he jumped into action doing the best he could with the bare minimum. >> no helmet, gloves or mask. >> reporter: the fire truck disabled he crawled fire extinguisher. >> reporter: -->> i heard a woman yell and it startled me so much. the only thing i said back with hate, and someone said i can't see you, -- i said hello, and i said i can't see you. >> they helped her find her way out. >> someone came by and grab me and said if you could boost me into the window we can get these people out of the building customer that is what we did. >> reporter: he figures they rescued a dozen people from
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central command for military never ceased despite the building collapse, evacuation, fire and ankle-deep jet fuel cooling, the fortress -- pooling the porches, almost as effective at -- as trapping victims as keeping enemies out.>> wallace doesn't think of himself as a hero, he says he was doing his job. >> i can assure you, we would never think anything would us a way, we're in a position to do something.>> they were all working, heard, to help as many as they could when they heard the scream of another jet. >> when i heard the noise i looked up.>> reporter: this time of fighter jet, prayer answered for so many, in the chaos. 184 parish in the pentagon that day. a day wallace and all of us
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>> reporter: if you'd like to attend one of several 9/11 memorial events happening around the area headwear website , or the mobile app for list of events. coming up next on this friday night of valley city getting overwhelmed with too many nonemergency calls to 911. creepy clown sightings reported across the country and now there is one in arizona. before you e plans see which valley restaurants
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listen to this a random found on a bicycle steering people in southern arizona. this photo shows the clown wearing an orange jumpsuit ready danforth avenue in yuma. here's a closer look. posted on facebook, the clown didn't harm anyone and there's nothing against a lot of people doing this but residents alerted police. >> we don't know their intentions, they are wearing a mask and you can see their face.
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along their business. >> it is scary. he doesn't do anything, it is scary. >> there has only been the one citing after several clown sightings in south carolina were police say those clouds were trying to lure people into the what. one valley police department has a warning, don't call 911 unless it's a true emergency. they apache junction police department is being flooded withem they say it only one in 4 calls is a true emergency. police say most recently during the summer storms call volume was so high it tied up phone lines creating a public safety hazard. >> it takes away from the time we can deal with the true emergencies. apache junction police say 911 calls or -- are for life- and-death emergencies only. callers who cried wolf can face
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before you go out to eat watch tonight dirty dining where health inspectors found workers touching their hair and face before preparing your food.
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whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah. chase. so you can. in a policy reversal facebook says it will allow an iconic 1972 photo of a badly burned scared little girl running away from a napalm attack on her village in vietnam.
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the image by the prime minister of norway, but following protests they said they will allow the photo due to its iconic status and historical importance. food prep counter, raw eggs stored above.. going out to eat this weekend could make you sick to your stomach if your favorite restaurant doesn't keep a clean kitchen. all nude chandler, for major violations. helen spectre found employees touching their hair and face been preparing food, raw turkey not god properly. the mountain park senior living center on knott's road in phoenix. for major violations, the health inspection report with it could sausage past discovered day, deli meat not at the
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road in chandler. for major violations, the health inspector spotted a cook handling raw kitchen -- check in with a spatula, chemical spray bottles not label. jumbles sports bar and grill in glendale. for major violations. ? stored in a home depot bucket, raw eggs over boxes of beer. the place with the most health came a walk. -- king wok. . hand lotion on a food prep counter. the places i noticed to cleanup or could face legal action. the restaurants with perfect health inspection scores make our dean's list. look at the restaurants with
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mesa. also on the dean's list corner bakery cafi -- cafi on 3rd street in phoenix, to keep those in chandler, and in central avenue. he probably see how your restaurants are doing by downloading our cbs 5 mobile app and clicking on the dirty dining week. check this out. interesting things caught on surveillance. paul his front patio. now it is moving. now it is getting creepy. the longest and arizona, and they feel threatened they take a striking position in the will rattle their tails. a lot of times they are mistaken for -- they are mistaken for red states, thank
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out it wasn't a rattlesnake or wouldn't have done that. >> they go sideways like that. that is what you have no clue. >> where is it going. >> i would just go back your. >> good idea, good video call. >> it is always fun when security cameras catch things now. >> let's look at the forecast. a live look outside, doppler radar showing clear skies, in the forecast the next 24 to 40 hours. a live look, plenty of sunshine and warm. a high above average, average high 102 , dewpoints , sticky earlier today. upper 50s, satellite and radar dry air moves and, ridge of high pressure dominant features of get used to this. mostly clear skies a few high thing clouds in the afternoon. futurecast, 6:30 pm tomorrow cloud cover in a few showers
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around eastern arizona darting sunday and a chance for rainfall for us -- to start the work week next week. the skies were clear out tuesday. your game detail. 78 degrees in the morning not bad. it will warm up, 94 by 10, a high of 104. right around 204, in the afternoon. right around 3, seven-day forecast. 104 tomorrow above average temperatures through sunday, monday a chance of rainfall in of rain in the afternoon. tuesday into wednesday temperatures cool down, below average, below 100. tuesday and wednesday in clear skies through friday. everything you need to know before primetime coming up next
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put your finger to good use. person to person transfers on the firstbank mobile app. paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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person to person transfers on the firstbank mobile app. response after a judge sentenced a valley, to 60 days in jail for the death of 23 dogs. bottom lisa dust, and maleisa hughes used to complete community service in 3 years probation. back in 2014 they were found dead from heat exhaustion. the plot thickens for the valley man accused of stealing $400,000 worth of jewelry for rappers tour bus. came went into an asu dorm,
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a pass at a woman. she kicked them out and called police. the 7 a few hours after police say he stole jewelry from the -- from drake to a bus -- doorbuster is a. the terrifying moment when a plane crash in with number, 4 people rushed to hospital. still in intensive care. we're told they are expected to survive. the cause of the crash unknown. connect with cbs 5 on facebook, twitter instagram, share your story with us. use the hashtag cbs5az. >> stand up to cancer up next, honoring one of our valley residents glen campbell. a great night on cbs 5 we will see you back at 10:00, thank you for joining us everyone.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> i'm just going to jump right in. why does ed want to make this movie? let me set the stage for you. it's the ultimate fight against the ultimate villain. wait for it. cancer. it's an epic movie. it's called "the dream team," and whether we all live or die is in the hands of-- are you ready for it-- the dream team. they're the best and the brightest doctors, researchers, how about this? we're just going to try you're a brilliant dream team doctor, you're at the forefront of cancer research. ready? and go. >>. >> are you sold on cancer? because i see my character as a doctor, but as a doctor of philosophy. >> okay. >> and what he does is that through logic, he proves that cancer no longer exists. >> why are you wearing a fakeea
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it's-- it's a chin toupee. >> take one. >> you know, if matt damon'sat involved can i be genius and he play the supportive best friend this time? i think that's more realistic. >> i know what, i'd rather not get in the middle of that. >> okay, i just want to make sure this female doctor role isn't scripted as "the love interest." am i right. >> i know what the script says, but i really don't think anyone is going to believe this male just friends.'t anybody? >> i know you've got a lot of people coming down line. i would just like to take this time to say i'm super against cancer. i don't like it. >> what if i play, like, a darth vader character? leukemia, i am your father. >> i'm feeling so, so proud to be able to represent a character as powerful and passionate as-- wait?


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